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Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

It's not that bad...

Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Taurus from April 21st to May 14th.

The pre-retrograde shadow period started April 7th and we won't completely be done with the energy until May 31st.

So you could already be seeing some of the themes occurring in your life.

Mercury is the planet of communication style, decision making, intelligence, thought processing and learning style.

So, when Mercury goes retrograde it just means slowing down to think, read and communicate more intentionally.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It focuses on the physical, sensory experience, comfort and security. Taurus isn't big on taking risks or change. Taurus wants stability and a calm environment. Venus rules Taurus, so Taurus shares the qualities of money, aesthetics, beauty and sensory pleasures.

So what does that look like for you? It could be something you thought was secure, stable, set and ready to go, may need some revision or change. Remember Taurus isn't big on change. However, these changes will be for the best even if it takes you out your comfort zone. Work with the energy instead of letting the fears and myths of Mercury Retro limit your ability to act. Yes, you can manifest, start something new, change your mind and do your normal spiritual rituals and routines. Now is also a great time to connect with the earth, nature and nature spirits.

Check your chart to see which house Taurus is in.

1st House: You may be revising your own personal look or aesthetic, changing your diet or the foods you eat. Going within to focus on yourself if that's something you've neglected to do.

2nd House: Before any big purchase, decide if you really want or need it. This is also a great time to revise your budget or adjust your savings plan. You may be asking yourself if your lifestyle is bringing you the comfort you want?

3rd House: Communication may be highlighted. Double check what you wrote and think before you speak. Cousins or siblings you haven't spoken with in awhile may contact you. You may need to make changes to travel plans or your vehicle.

4th House: Time to review your home and property. Changes or fixes around the home may come up. Great time to change décor you don't like or no longer want. Take this time to reach out and connect with family and your ancestors or they may reach out to you.

5th House: Changes regarding your children or creativity. You may decide to find a new hobby or make changes to your current one. If you are thinking about turning a hobby into a side hustle, you may start down that path.

6th House: Your health, diet or exercise routine could be up for review. You may ask yourself if your employment is giving you the security or lifestyle you want. Take your time to review projects and communicate clearly with coworkers.

7th House: If you need to negotiate or sign contracts, take your time to read the fine print. Make sure you're getting what you need from it. You may take a look at your relationships and see who is dependable or if your relationships are secure.

8th House: You may need to review your tax information if there's an audit or return. Changes to your insurance or review of policy. If you receive an inheritance, take time to decide how it should be utilized. Changes to how you manage debt.

9th House: If you've been grappling with a certain belief or idea, now is the time to dive in and get understanding. Communication with a teacher, mentor or spiritual leader could provide comfort or progress.

10th House: Those who have careers using their voice or are recognized for using their voice may decide to make changes in how they do this. If you are uncomfortable taking a leadership role, now is the time to explore why. Review of your professional goals is possible.

11th House: If there is insecurity within your social circle, now is the time to make changes. Your technology may act up, give yourself time to complete projects and save your work. Check for typing or spelling mistakes. Your social media usage may be up for review. You may also want to create more of a social media presence.

12th House: You may experience deep inner reflection at this time. Things that you want to stay hidden or secure (thoughts, ideas, identity, private information) may need extra security at this time. Repressed thoughts or emotions may resurface so you can move on from them.

Also, check what house Venus is in. That will give you more info on themes you may be experiencing.

With love,


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