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Part 2 of Starting Your Journey

So where do you begin?

Start with you! what do you feel called to explore? What did your family practice or what was passed down to you?

Don't do like I did and start with a third eye chakra awakening meditation before even knowing what chakras are.

That turned into a lot of anxiety and multiple nights where I had premotions back to back for a week.

Which is why I talk a lot about grounding no matter what type of spiritual work you do or where you're at on your journey.

There is such a thing as spiritual psychosis. That's when you develop psychological difficulties, delusions or irrational thought through spiritual content or spiritual practices. The difference between a spiritual awakening and spiritual psychosis is your awakening will put you in a healthy mode of self awareness. If you are in a constant state of fear, panic, obsessed with readings or conspiracy theories. That's a good sign that you're ungrounded and it won't hurt to pull your energy back from divination or spiritual content for a bit. Don't forget that you are here on Earth. The practical and spiritual aspects of yourself need to be balanced.

You want to start with building a healthy foundation.

To do that start with:

  • Discernment

  • Research

  • Mentorship (if available to you)

  • Practice

Allow your intuition to lead the way, if you feel drawn to witchcraft start researching or exploring different forms. If you feel called to tarot go grab a deck (it does not have to be gifted to you). If your spiritual journey is more tied to a religious belief start with religious texts or attend religious gatherings in your community. Researching the history of whatever you're wanting to get into is helpful too.

Ask your spiritual team, the universe, god to guide you to a mentor or spiritual teacher and be open to the information or people you come across. When choosing a mentor this is where discernment is key. If the person doesn't feel like the right fit for you it's ok to move on.

What are open and closed practices?

Some spiritual practices and religions can only be practiced through initiations, unless passed down through family lines or community ties. That's another reason to do research before starting a certain practice. There are certain religions/practices for example: Voudou, Hoodoo, smudging, Shamanic and other Indigenous practices, Jewish witchcraft, Santeria that are tied to specific cultural beliefs, values and tradition.

There's a lot of misinformation online about what is closed. Tarot, Astrology, plants and other natural resources are not closed. Doing divination, casting spells, prayer, creating altars are not a closed practice either.

I'll leave it here by saying your spiritual journey requires learning how to trust yourself and your inner senses. Working on removing old beliefs and other barriers can help you expand on your journey. Feel free to message me if you have questions, concerns or something you want me to add.

With Love,


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