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  • Shawntay

Just Starting Your Journey?

First, a little background on my journey. My spiritual journey started at a very young age. I grew up in a Christian household. I was always aware of the insights I would receive from my dreams and intuition. As a child I was into witchcraft and loved anything witchy. By 6th grade, I got my hands on a spell book and that was my first lesson in casting love spells. From then I moved on from witchcraft, I was always interested in crystals, meditation and some of the other psychic events I was experiencing. Once I became 18, I ventured more towards going to psychics for readings and paying much more attention to the warnings in my dreams. My first major acknowledgment of a spiritual awakening was actually in 2015. That awakening taught me to deepen my practice and turn inward more. These days my spirituality consists of diving into what my ancestors practiced.

My goal on this blog is to help guide others starting their journey. Some say a spiritual journey is lonely, but I don't think it has to be. We can share our experiences more and build safe communities for people to learn.

I think the most important step in this age of misinformation is to define what spirituality is and how you authentically connect to your spirit. Spirituality is actually a broad concept that most would describe as connecting to something bigger than yourself. You can be spiritual and religious, or spiritual and atheist. Because spirituality actually isn't a set of rules, tools or one fits all practice. New age spirituality is usually referred to as western spiritual practices or beliefs that combine layers of traditional practices with new ones. This is very common among religious and nonreligious people.

As you are discovering the best belief or practice for you, it's best and ethical to research and respect the different practices you come across. Meaning some practices have been corrupted, watered down, disrespected and misused. It continues to happen daily. My first main and very important tip is, unless you were born or initiated into a certain practice, please don't feel entitled to take on just any practice because you've heard about it and its interesting. We all have to do our part to respect other people's culture and closed practices. (I'll touch on closed practices in another post).

I'll wrap this post up by saying the best way to stay in your spiritual lane is starting with your own ancestry and lineage. Knowing who you are helps you to stay true to your spiritual journey. You don't have to practice what your ancestors did, but knowing the gifts your ancestors passed down to you can be empowering.

With Love,



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