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Ancestor Reading, Etsy 

"AMAZING. Shawntay is just phenomenal. I wasn't expecting so much depth and length for an ancestral reading, but she goes there! I got a lot out of this reading. Thanks again so much!"

Astrology Reading, Etsy

"Shawntay is incredible and super helpful. She did a thorough read of my chart and even wrote up the reading because I’m hearing impaired. A true doll!"

Reiki, Etsy

"Shawntay is extremely caring and extremely talented in providing reiki. Thank you for being so amazing and kind"


I do not do spy readings.

I do not do personal readings without permission. 

I do not store or sell your information.

I do not discuss your readings/information with other clients.

I do not diagnose medical or mental health conditions. 

I do not predict death or pregnancy

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