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  • Shawntay

New Moon Eclipse In Aries

The next new moon will be a powerful one 04/19/2023

Some key points that make up this Eclipse energy.

The Sun will be in Aries at 29 degrees, meaning there will be some endings before new beginnings. We have the Moon in Aries, which can add some emotional intensity to the mix. Jupiter the great benefic is also in Aries for a while longer.

Aries is the initiator and can get you excited to take on new things. Positive action can bring great benefits at this time.

In your chart, look at what house Aries is in to see the area of your life that will get this energy the most! Also, check where the house your Mars (ruler of Aries) is located at. This can also give you some insight as well.

Your Tarot Card for this eclipse energy.

9 of Swords

Keep your schedule light over the next few weeks. It's possible to become overwhelmed, anxious and overworked.

Keep focusing on what needs to be released so you can make room for the great new things this eclipse season will bring in.


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